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So mean? Zhao Menger did not quite understand this one relationship

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So the big business in front ghd sale of Zhou appeared a very strange picture of a plain simple dress a beautiful girl flirting with a seriousness of security. This situation continued until a black Mercedes parked in the companyit? I thought you at least look at your aunt and uncle will not suffer do not appear. He sneered the voice over the phone directly to Zhao Menger think he goes despicable face. Zhao Menger you you you angry although the feelings are not good with uncle uncle suffer, but if the day that my aunt in the future process will be very sad next morning no onehands on his son with him, not to say nothing of people. Remember you only have half an hour. He once again warned her voice just a good sort can reach her heart. Hang up the phone after all, is not she kind of fun to get rid of the feeling of God


Mu also seems to feel the wind did not answer all of the language of tears in front of the ghd outlet small floc are pale with a small floc quietly behind. a bit dull September day on the playground tree unknown purple flowers open in the night-light irradiation in the tree people have a sense of romantic and sentimental small floc heart secretly thought perhaps a small floc from the beginning on a night like this tree. to the dorm for the first time that small floc from the dormitory classrooms miss this journey so close to you can always go back to it, although Mu Wind also has said nothing but the small floc that he accompany her back was feeling so small floc comfort though only his heart but at least their not alone. Mu is also the wind, or did not answer but nodded his face a strange lonely turned and left. small floc by his sudden appearance scared heart pain Mokemingzhuang want to say anything but hesitant ultimately did not say anything just a sad look insignificant compared to the pain many years after the small Xu came to realize that he called distressed distressed so lonely in the moonlight to see the heart of Mu is also the wind shadow of a smile his face could not help shuddering small floc Mu also immediately get rid of the windthink small floc reaction so fast that there was no break in the small floc when the wearer does not let go cause now he has to catch two small floc a chase figure in the evening, however, laughter is far more durable endless. Happiness at this moment suddenly people think it is so simple .


Security immediately forward to seeing ghd pink limited edition the car door. However, Zhou Zhao Menger a suit in sight. How standing in the doorway? See Zhao Menger did not have to ghd green envy enter some strange company he asked. The security of your home is too loyal a let me go. Zhao Menger spoke face to see the alleged face that looked like the security in that small for gestational age did you see? Ah let you hold me in. Zhou then heard a fierce look back to the look of anxiety on the side of the security and the assistant said: this month to give him double the money. This colorful under Zhao Mengerwait to see her so? Know she was stopped at the door this little security not only do not criticize him at double his money back he really is after this Zhirenshanren of the Zhou who can enter the door to business. Security heard that his face is showing the incredible expression. He looked surprised and flattered and then Zhou said: Thank you, President This is what I should do. Zhou then heard an unknown mean mouth smile and then said: Let him go to ghd australia another company interview it. Three does may be four crows flying overhead from Zhao Menger left a row of beautiful black little good good gorgeous.


Ha ha ha ha Zhao Menger colorful world of her very evil looking red to green from the face of this small security know what little security from heaven to ghd iv hell, you still do not understand the small security president of your home. Since then the world Zhou Zhao ghd purple Mengerbecomes very elastic finish strongly in the future do not listen to him no less than conclusive. However, with the pace of the world this week elevator ride, president of the kind of condescending to thirty second floor overlooking the living beings feel no wonder we all like to run uphill climb. Your uncle now that the house seems to be ready to invest in real estate acquisition of VOS. Zhou then turn the computer receives a document and then without looking up the Zhao Menger said.


So mean? Zhao Menger did not quite understand this one relationship. Means that your aunt uncle soon VOS street a piece of land has been acquired two years time, but has not yet ordered the demolition of your uncle who is no property right? XX is the owner of this land must have the original unit is not only to the rights of workers to their residence so two years ghd iv styler ago when the bankruptcy XX units filed for bankruptcy on the land as a fixed asset to the auction of these things are going really actually hidden a little movement at all. So now if the VOS order commenced their uncle, then you have to back out if he did not say stupid, but Zhao Menger not understand the meaning of nature. So we can only sit still? She really do not understand the way the following morning in order to force her to appear to create a piece of land ahead of schedule it? VOS previous work when she heard a short period, but did not begin to enter the real estate plans. Or directly to your uncle that they move out. This is all very lightweight and he seems as simple as eating. To move out?


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